Venus Catherine Andrecht - Certain Men

Venus Catherine Andrecht - Certain Men

Título: Certain Men

El autor: Venus Catherine Andrecht

Editor: Bookbaby

Publicado: 24.01.2019

Género: Deportes y juegos

ISBN: 9781620954119

Tamaño: 6.60MB

Idiomas: Español

Formato : PDF, EPUB

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When she was fifty-three, Venus Andrecht had an epiphany, a kind of near-death experience of the mind and her emotions. After a lifetime of grief with men in which she chose one bad relationship after another, she woke up in another "country" entirely. Suddenly, she had the proverbial eyes that could see, and what she saw in her life was amazing. Awake and clear-eyed, she knew who "Certain Men" were and what they were about. She suddenly understood the "20-Minute Rule," and she could see how and why certain types of men always found their way into her life. And so she made a solid vow that dramatically altered her future . . . no more Certain Men, ever again. And now, Venus is here to change your life, too . . . if youre ready. Learn who Certain Men are, and why you keep attracting these types over and over. Venus will show you how to spot them, then give you effective techniques to deal with them, get them out of your life, and keep them out. Best of all, by the end of this book youll know how to find, recognize, attract, and keep a happy relationship with a Good Guy . . . and leave Certain Men behind forever. Not only has Venus lived everything she teaches, but her unique talent as a medium and clarifying counselor has allowed her to help hundreds of women understand and change their own relationships. Youll read her advice to dozens of clients for whom shes worked, as shes "looked" into the men whove troubled them and found a way to unravel these womens messes . . . and help them recover from the Certain Men whove ensnared them.